Meet the Embroidery Professor

Chris Murphy has always had an interest in why things work and how to make them work. From fixing things around the house as a kid, to his career as a computer programmer when computers were barely out of the science fiction realm, to his hobbies of woodworking and renovating his home, Chris’ passion for the nuts and bolts of things has always been on his mind.

This unique characteristic carried over when Chris and his wife Martha started an embroidery business in the fall of 1988. By developing the knowledge of how machine embroidery worked allowed him to overcome limitations and problems generally associated with machine embroidery.

As the business grew, the need for doing in house digitizing became more apparent. However, after shopping around for the right digitizing system, Chris realized all the systems available at the time were based on archaic technology and extremely overpriced to boot. Instead of purchasing one of these out of date digitizing systems, Chris decided to develop his own, Cadre.

The Cadre digitizing system broke ground in embroidery software by allowing artwork to be scanned versus redrawn at 4x the size, and using “outlines” to generate stitches versus individual stitch placement. These revolutionary steps are now part and parcel for modern digitizing systems.

While Cadre was a system designed for large commercial manufacturers, Stitch Shop Pro was released to target the home/hobby user. After a few years in the home embroidery market, the conclusion was reached that many casual embroiderers simply did not have the time to learn full blown digitizing, and if they did, they were usually at a loss about what to digitize. The common theme he kept hearing was the desire to do monograms, but more than the basic monograms built into to many machines. It was from this experience that the Monogram Wizard and Monogram Wizard Plus was born. The Monogram Wizard Plus once again revolutionized embroidery software, and it the benchmark that all others shoot for in the lettering software field.