A Useful Tip for Puffy Foam

After you have removed the excess puffy foam after sewing a design, you may notice little bit and pieces still poking out between the threads, as shown below.

A quick and easy way to get rid of this excess puffy foam is to use heat gun to melt the offending foam away.

If you don’t have a “heat gun”, you can always use a hair dryer, iron or other heat generating implement to melt the excess away. The key is not to get too close and scorch the embroidery. Start with your implement at a reasonable distance from the design and gradually move in closer until the puffy foam hairs start disappearing. The result will be crisp, clean embroidery using foam as seen in the after pic below.

The Importance of Sewing Samples

“There are two types of people; those who sew samples, and those who wish they had . . .” – Embroidery Professor

One of the earliest lessons one can learn on their way to be a proficient machine embroiderer is how important it is to sew a sample of the design before committing it to the garment or item. Naturally we learned this lesson the hard way when 12 letter-type jackets (wool jackets with leather sleeves) had to be eaten because the design on the back was sewn the wrong size. Had a sample been sewn and checked, this situation could have been avoided.

The best material to use when sewing samples is 2 pieces of cutaway. Cutaway provides the perfect “baseline” for sewing samples because it removes all other factors unique to different fabrics and will not interfere with sewing. Furthermore, the design will look its best sewn on cutaway if all other things are in order, i.e. its a good design, the tensions on your machine are set properly, etc.

After you sew out your sample on cutaway and it looks good, then you can double check things such as size, spelling, letter placement and so on. If it doesn’t look good then you can start troubleshooting, i.e. looping on top could be tension issues with your machine, narrow, disappearing satin stitches on cutaway will definitely disappear on fabric, etc.

Get in the habit of sewing samples on cutaway before you sew the design on your garment. It will save you time and money in long run from ruining a garment and it will get you in the habit in making sure your embroidery is the best it can be, which will lead  to more confidence and less stress.